Saint Seiya Ikki Phoenix HQS TSUME Statue 1/4

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ETA: Q2/2025


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    Saint Seiya statue of Ikki Phoenix in HQS+ range, 1/4 scale

    Saint Seiya size approx.46cm Tsume Phoenix. Official product in Ikki Phoenix HQS limited edition of 1800 pieces by Tsume Art.

    After Pegasus and Andromeda, a third Bronze Saint completes the diorama and defense lines of the Goddess of Wisdom Athena: here is Phoenix HQS+ by Tsume!

    This armor has regenerative abilities that even Gold Armor does not have. Also, the fiery-tempered Saint has interchangeable arms/effects showing him deploying his Cosmo energy in translucent orange resin, ready to set the battlefield on fire. Adorned with flamboyant reflections, his golden, pink and blue armor goes perfectly with his sea hair and eyes.

    The red stone adorning his trident-shaped helmet highlights the mighty Saint’s fiery gaze of determination. Saint Seiya kki Phoenix by Tsume has an additional head with his blue visor helmet presenting him as he appears in the first episode, his mischievous smile inviting confrontation. Able to be reborn from his own, he will not hesitate to reduce his enemies to ashes.

    Behind him is the Metallic Gray Phoenix Pandora Box, as indicated by the bird spreading its wings. The emblems present on the other walls of the box refer to chivalry and the cosmos. One of the pillars of the Temple of Athena collapsed in front of the fearsome Saint, justifying his attack position.

    Looking at the ground of the sanctuary, we can then distinguish the Phoenix constellation engraved in stone, while we find at the front of the base the emblem of the legendary bird as well as its name written in ancient Greek as on antic temples. The front of the base is interchangeable, allowing the Phoenix plate to appear or not on the rocky ground.

    Equipped with an additional platform to elevate him, Phoenix Ikki is intended to take place in the diorama composed of Athena and her Bronze Saints, ready to defend the great Protector of the Sanctuary! If the goddess is absent, an additional pillar to be placed behind Shun completes the decor.

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