CARBOTIX Mazinkaiser Blitzway

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    CARBOTIX Mazinkaiser Blitzway

    Mazinkaiser is the newest entry in the Carbotix Blitzway line-up, huge figure, 38 cm in size, full action, made by ABS, PVC and die-cast metal

    Blitzway is proudly presenting Mazinkaiser action figure to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Mazinger Z animation, the legendary first mecha robot piloted by a user from within a cockpit. Mazinkaiser, debuted in Super Robot Wars game, is one of the popular spin-off versioins based on the original Mazinger Z manga by Go Nagai. Apart from being the manga and game character, Mazinkaiser was produced as original video animations and films.

    Introducing the Blitzway Mazinkaiser, The shiny robot with highly durable die-cast material, that has perfectly functioning body with maximized-mobility ratchet joints. Glowing LED lights on the chest and eyes will add another layer to the finish.

    Pre-order now, and get the Mazinkaiser on your battlefield in time.

    Comes with:

    – Interchangeable hands (8)
    – Kaiser Scrander
    – Kaiser Pilder
    – Kaiser Blade (2)
    – Final Kaiser Blade
    – Gigantic Missile
    – Gigantic Missile effect parts
    – Effect parts (4)
    – Diorama base (Ankoku Daishogun)

    The Kaiser Scrander is compatible with the Carbotix Boss Borot (sold separately)

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