HL PRO UFO Robot Grendizer Vinyl Figure Commander Gauss

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    HL PRO UFO Robot Grendizer Vinyl Figure Commander Gauss


    Produttore: High Dream
    Peso totale della confezione: 245 gr.
    Dimensioni della confezione: 12 x 28 x 5 cm
    Materiali: Vinile, Plastica

    Altezza Personaggio: 23 cm

    in Scatola di Cartone Deluxe


    Grendizer was the second longest running animated Mazinger series in Japan, having 74 episodes. However, it has been criticized about its connection to the other Mazinger series in the franchise, especially with Koji’s status as a mere sidekick and giving him a different romantic interest who wasn’t Sayaka, as well as the lack of the other Mazinger mechs.

    This created the popular assumption that the anime wasn’t a success in Japan, especially since the merchandise based on the anime didn’t sell as well as the merchandise for both Mazinger Z and Great Mazinger. However, Go Nagai disputes this, saying the anime was actually quite successful in Japan: “It was actually a hit in Japan. Maybe some people thought it was not as popular as Mazinger Z, because Mazinger was super popular.”[8] The average viewership metrics for UFO Robot Grendizer‘s original Japanese broadcast was around 20.9% audience share across its 74 episodes with a peak share of 27.6% for Episode 21.[9]

    Regardless of its disputed success in Japan, Grendizer was one of the first anime programs to be a major success in both Europe and the Arabic regions of the Middle East, and continues to have a strong following in those parts of the world to this day.

    In Europe it was a major success in France and Italy, known in both countries as Goldorak and Goldrake respectively.